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Anaconda Bicycles was established in April of 2022 with one mission: to bring a high-quality Bike Shop to the Anaconda-Deer Lodge area. Our passion for excellence inspired us to create a place for quality service, friendly faces, and a solution to the need for more bicycle riding resources. We pride ourselves on offering a superior customer service experience and in helping assist any bike curious person of any interests or skill level.


At Anaconda bicycles, our goal is to inspire and incite passion for adventure, fun, and fitness through our favorite past time... bikes!


what we offer

Industry leading bike technicians always on hand to service your equipment. You can trust us with your beloved bike and head out on your next epic adventure with confidence

We have options for all levels!

Stay tuned as we expand our demo fleet. Rent a bike for around town, hit the trails, or try an E-Bike.

In the market for a new bike? Stop in to learn about what product will meet your needs. As new bike inventory becomes available, we will order you the perfect fit!

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